It’s A Celebration!

The biggest party of the year is just a few days away, how are you celebrating the 4th of July this year?  Well no matter where you go, you can take Stella Rosa with you!  Two of our popular flavors of this Italian wine are now served in 8.5 oz. aluminum single serve bottles.  Not only are these the perfect size to take anywhere, the aluminum bottle keeps your favorite drink chilled, just the way it should be.  They also have a re-closeable top so you don’t have to worry about anything unwanted sneaking into your drink.  It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and filled with deliciousness.  Stella Rosa 8.5 oz. aluminum single serves has you covered noon, evening or at night because you don’t have to keep it in your kitchen, it literally can travel with you.

Stella Rosa Black is a blend of several red grape varietals combined with flavors of blackberry, blueberry and raspberries – it’s berrylicious!  Stella Rosa Platinum has an awesome blend of green apple, elderflower and vanilla flavors – it’s crisp.  You’ll want to grab a pack with both flavors because they’re just too good, and they’re great to pass around with your friends.

This long weekend might have you at a backyard party, pool parties, at the beach or on a yacht.  No matter where you end up for your celebration, bring the 8.5 oz. aluminum single serves with you because you’ll be a hit at the party.  You’ll be the only one not worried about carrying a glass or watching over your drink but still enjoying a ‘glass ‘ of wine.  You can even take these single serves into the pool with you!

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