Welcome to the Stella Rosa Family!

Cute, fresh, and ready to go! No we’re not talking about your date (although congrats if that applies), we’re talking about the latest models on the wine runway: Stella Rosa Aluminums. These minis are a single-serve size bursting with Stella Rosa’s Italian grapes, the semi-sweet wine you have come to know and love. In case this is your first meeting, let me introduce you to Stella Rosa Black – fierce, bold and a triple-berry threat. Her partner in crime, Stella Rosa Platinum, crisp, divine and one-of-a-kind.

Stella Rosa Aluminums fit just as perfectly in your hand, just as your cell phone does. And when you discover how much more relaxed these friends make you feel, as opposed to the millions of messages beckoning your constant attention, you might be ready to put down your hand-held to pick up this yummy wine.


They’re so convenient; they can go with you anywhere and they make sure you’re satisfied by keeping your beverage nice and chilled.   What more could you ask from someone you just met?

Head over to the Stella Rosa Aluminums website to check out more. This powerful duo is sweeping the nation so be the first to give them a try and even win yourself a party pack! Show off your new found love on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, caption it with #GoStellaRosa, and you could win prizes!