Get ready to Cheer!

We’re giving you three good reasons to C-H-E-E-R!  By now you’ve heard about the hottest new product on the wine market – Stella Rosa Aluminum Bottles.  It’s the same fabulous taste but now in a handheld size.  Here’s your first reason to cheer, for wine-on-the-go!  How cool is it that you can drink Stella Rosa Black and Platinum out of a miniature bottle?  We’ve shrunken your favorite flavors just so you can enjoy them wherever you are.  That’s definitely cheer-worthy.  #GoStellaRosa

These Aluminum bottles are easily transportable, so now you can enjoy wine right after a hike while overlooking a beautiful view point.  How about when you’re biking on the beach paths, and meet up with your friends for a Stella Rosa break.  Or at a backyard pool party and you have the most convenient, resealable, chilled drink that goes into the pool with you!  The excitement doesn’t end there!  Anytime you see the words ‘no glass allowed’ you’re in the clear.  You can now enjoy any ‘no glass’ events because you’re sporting the chic new Stella Rosa Aluminum bottles.  How about a #GoStellaRosa cheer for that!

And of course, we’ve saved the best for last.  Start cheering with #GoStellaRosa and you could win prizes! You heard right, prize-packs have been assembled and lined up because we’re giving them away all summer long.  Tag a picture of how you #Stellabrate with our new Aluminums by using #GoStellaRosa and submitting it on any of our social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  It’s as simple as that.  You can also enter the contest on the Aluminum website.

Get snapping those pictures and soon you’ll really be cheering!


Photo credit: @meligonzo