Grab and Go

Since when have we been able to take Wine on the go?  It’s revolutionary!  Many things come in to-go packages but are they really things you enjoy as much as wine?  Serving up a high quality Italian beverage in a mobile fashion is definitely stepping things up.  Especially when it comes in a high quality package to ensure your drink stays cold, just the way it should be!

The Stella Rosa Aluminum bottles are sturdy, come with a resealable cap and are easy to have your wine on the go.  Featured in two popular flavors, berry-filled Stella Rosa Black and crisp apple with elderflower in Stella Rosa Platinum.  Can you imagine carrying such intense flavors in your back pocket?

When you’re gearing up for a hike in the mountains, a picnic in the park, a stroll on the boardwalk or a day at the beach, you’ve got wine on the go!  They go anywhere you do.  Even if you’re just lounging in your backyard pool, it’s so much easier to enjoy a glass of wine but without the glass.  Also these are so fun to share with friends, they come in 2 and 4 packs and it’s the best drink to take on the go.

Find your Aluminum wine on the go at your local retailer but since they are fairly new, we recommend checking our locator that sells Stella Rosa products and calling to ask if they have the Aluminums at their store.  If not, ask the store manager to get them in for you! Our distribution will grow with customer demand.

As for anyone in the California area, you can get this wine on the go at our 3 San Antonio Winery locations – downtown Los Angeles, Ontario and Paso Robles.

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