Have you been out this summer, enjoying a hot day and wishing you could drink some wine without having to leave your spot to head to a restaurant?  Well you’ll never have to experience that disappointing feeling again, thanks to our newest Stella Rosa addition – wine on the go! We’ve actually condensed our same great tasting Stella Rosa Black and Platinum wines, into an 8.5 oz. aluminum bottle so that you can literally take your wine on the go.  How great is it to head to the beach and be able to easily pack your favorite wine.  Or be on a hike and enjoy the view with Stella Rosa at your side.  Wine on the go means you can enjoy wine in the great outdoors, wherever you may end up. These are packaged in aluminum bottles so your wine stays cold, it is easy to carry around without breaking and we’ve made sure to include a resealable cap.  Wine on the go is going to be the new lingo and we’re excited to share it with you first! Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to get the latest information on our latest addition to the Stella Rosa team.  We would love to see pictures of you with your wine on the go so be sure to send us fan photos with the hashtags #StellaRosaWines or #Stellabrate.  Also, if you use #GoStella you will automatically be entered into a concert to win prizes! It just gets better and better like freaky vegas casino…   Photo credit: @SandraRobles